Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Share Stuff ~ Sept '15

I always think about doing some sort of sharing things post on this here blog because I like to see what other people are looking at so why not join in. Sharing awesome things is awesome and important I think. Don't be fooled by the date in the title though, I doubt it'll be regular, they'll be here and there depending on how often I actually look at new stuff because I'm a creature of habit.


I've never really used YouTube before other than for music I can't afford yet or looking up the occasional tutorial but recently I've actually started subscribing to channels and love it. I'm actually thinking about getting a video camera and doing something or other on there myself but that's way off in the future. When I find something new I feel like I have to catch up on everything so the two channels I've been creepily watching as much as possible lately are Frannerd and TheTanZelShow. I found out about TheTanZelShow because Will knows Tania and Hazel, so I had amazing insider info and I checked out Fran after this post on Raisin Heart. It turned out I was actually already following Fran on Instagram (love love love her illustrations) but didn't know about her YouTube. Fran appears to have a similar geeky love for paper as me and I've always loved watching people play videogames so these two channels were made for me.

Haha, the fact they're both stills with pulling faces was an awesome coincidence.

Talking of my creepy watching of old videos, in a TanZelShow video the band Creature Feature were mentioned so I checked them out and I love it. Anything that Halloween themed will win me over instantly. I'm especially fond of A Gorey Demise.

I need to learn Japanese because they have too many things I want to understand better. Currently it's Ladybeard. A wrestler/metal singer/pin-up in kawaii drag, or something. I'm not sure, google translating Japanese is the worst but I have fallen in love anyway, how could you not?

I'd only watched that on my phone before which for some reason doesn't do subtitles but having the English subtitles makes it even better.

This patch from Dany Reede on Etsy is awesome. I think this comes pretty high on my list of favourite film quotes so it's perfect.

I was browsing Instagram the other day and came across @herorats and oh my god wow. They train rats to detect landmines and TB! Plus look how cute they are! Their website is here.

Point me towards things you like and/or sharing posts you've done. Expand my mind.

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