Sunday, 27 September 2015

Tabling at Roller Derby September 2015


Last weekend we had a table at the Norfolk Brawds bout at the UEA. I had high hopes after my enjoyment last time and I was not disappointed.


It was a great day. Both their A team and B team played against Nottingham Roller Girls and as far as I could tell they were both really well played. B team (Jolly Dodgers) just lost out but A team won their game. Sold some stuff, watched roller derby, what more could I want?


As well as my customary blurry photos this post also comes with a poor quality video! I've wanted to keep little video snippets of things as well as photos for a while now but put it off because I don't have anything that is any good at recording video but I realised I'm ok with poor quality if that's all I've got so here are some little bits from the weekend. And however much the quality bothers you, you get to see Bernard move at the end so it's worth it.

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