Thursday, 17 September 2015

Zine ~ An Ode To Photocopying (Mostly) *Shop Update*


I have a brand new zine! Yay. It's inspired by my love for photocopiers but also the fact that photocopiers are crazed beasts that do whatever they want and seem to make no sense (because they make no sense). It's a mixture of drawings and scribbled notes and there's a comic in the middle. Part of the 'content' of this zine is the fact that I didn't think too much about what the photocopier was up to so the pages aren't in any particular order, some are upside down, every copy comes out different which I think is pretty cool.


I'm on a (seemingly) never ending hunt for some printer paper that isn't awful for show through so I can print my zines at home because it'd be cheaper, especially if I want to do colour, but I do love photocopiers, they have a quality that's just different and lovely so this was a real joy to put together. I was at the photocopier for so long that I ended up having to help a few people figure it out too which was kinda nice.


If you'd like to buy a copy here it is on etsy and here on folksy. Or if you make zines (or something else) maybe we could do a swap?

Also, as a side note, that blankety background is also listed in my folksy. I'm having a sort out and have made last chance sections in both my etsy and folksy shops so the things listed in there either won't be re-newed at all when the listing expires or just won't be re-made. Either way when they don't show up on the shop anymore they're gone for good so if there's something you've seen before you should get it now or help me clear out some studio space and grab something!

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  1. <3 I photocopied sequins onto sugar paper during GCSE art, it was good.