Monday, 5 October 2015

Crochet ~ Angels, Biscuits and Candy Canes for Christmas

Knitting and Crochet Christmas

A few months ago I was asked to design some Christmas decorations for Happy Crafting magazines Knitting and Crochet Christmas issue. It's out now and it's like a kit, you get the magazine with the patterns and also the yarn, hook and needles so you're all set to get making and the patterns in the magazine were all designed around the colours of yarn that come in the set.

  Knitting and Crochet Christmas

It was challenging to come up with designs based on pre-determined colours. I'd normally design something and also choose the colours kind of at the same time, one informing the other but I think I got the hang of it and my designs turned out pretty well. Obviously if you wanted to get your own yarn and work the patterns in other colours you could do that too. My patterns are for a set of angels and also candy cane and snowflake biscuit decorations.

Knitting and Crochet Christmas Knitting and Crochet Christmas

Let me know if you make any of them, I'd love to see! Use #beckygarratt or contact me any of the other million ways (twitter, instagram, email, facebook, bat signal)  ^_^

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