Friday, 23 October 2015

Crochet ~ Cuckoo Clock

Christmas Cuckoo Clock

I designed a cuckoo clock for Simply Crochet and it's in the current issue (37) which also comes with cute freebie ribbon. I say cuckoo clock but it's really more of a robin clock to make it extra Christmasy, as if the icicles and Father Christmas weren't enough. ^_^  Each little piece isn't really anything much on it's own but when you sew them all together it turns into a rather fancy wall hanging. You could start making little pieces of it here and there now and by Christmas you'd have a great new decoration that you could bring out every year. And like it mentions in the magazine, this would be great with real clock hands, it shouldn't be too difficult to poke them through the crochet pieces.

Christmas Cuckoo ClockChristmas Cuckoo Clock

I also thought it'd be fun to share these sketches with you as a little peek into the design process.

  Christmas Cuckoo Clock

For this project the commissioning editor knew she wanted a Christmas themed cuckoo clock and which yarn I'd be using. I sent her the sketch on the left as my design idea, I wasn't sure exactly which colours I'd be sent so I just added a few bits of colour to make the design clearer. She was happy with my design (always a good moment!) and once I knew all the colours I had to work with I made a colour plan (on the right here) to figure out how to best use the yarn and used that as my guide while I was making all the pieces. I always try to draw out my ideas as much like they will look once they're crochet as possible but I am especially pleased with how similar this one turned out. (Although the pine cones aren't crocodile stitch, the one main thing it mentions lol)

As always if you make yourself (or a friend) a cuckoo (robin) clock then let me know. Comment, email, @vongarratt, #beckygarratt etc.  ^_^

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