Friday, 9 October 2015

Photo Dump


I was going to be sharing a wonderfully free crochet pattern this week but the day I was going to sort it all out the computer decided it couldn't connect to the internet anymore. The pattern will have to wait but I fished out an old usb stick (it still has our dissertations on it which we handed in about 6 years ago) and took some photos over to the free library internet (I love you library!) so here are some pics I like and have had floating around but hadn't shared yet. The above photo was at my parents house a while ago, that rug brings me comfort even in memory.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

He's just too cute, even when he's just laying claim to stuff. He rubs his chin on everything. It's adorable. I'm in one of those phases where you go from feeling fine and positive to suddenly feeling nothing but sorry for yourself so how cute these photos make the world look and being in the library has made me feel a little better.
If you have any tips in relation to making a pc realise there actually is an ethernet cable connected then share please. I'm going crazy.

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