Sunday, 1 November 2015

Inktober 2015 Days 22 - 31

Inktober Day 22

Aaaaaaaaaand done. 31 drawings for 31 days. I'm proud of myself for managing Inktober this year, I think it's the first I've actually done it (with a few catch up days). Some days were sketchier than others but I think I did manage a few drawings that I might come back to and work up into something 'proper'. Although most of the drawings were actually done on the sofa at the end of the day with fine liners I started off thinking I wanted to practice my brushwork but literally after one day I moved onto dip pen which I think I get on with a lot better. Sometimes I wonder if doing these challenges just adds more pressure to the day and I shouldn't bother but they are useful. I know it probably sounds dumb but I feel like I've moved forward a little bit with my drawing for having figured out I prefer dip pen. If I hadn't done Inktober I would have drawn less through October and would probably stubbornly still be trying to use a brush every time I sit down to draw and I think using a brush is maybe an idea I have about doing 'good' linework rather than just naturally being what I draw best with. I don't know. That fudge was really good.

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