Thursday, 31 December 2015

357 - 365 // 365 2015

357/365 2015

Day 357 - Annual tree close up.

358/365 2015

Day 358 - Listening to the She and Him Christmas album and baking.

359/365 2015

Day 359 - Christmas dinner / Christmas faces.

360/365 2015

Day 360 - Boxing Day was all about Lego.

361/365 2015

Day 361 - Our living room is so jam packed at the minute candles are a bit risky and I haven't lit many lately so our advent candles are still going strong.

362/365 2015

Day 362 - Will's brain made this up. When you push it the mouth opens and closes and there's a guy in there.

363/365 2015

Day 363 - Christmas tulips that Will brought home for me on Christmas Eve ^_^

364/365 2015

Day 364 - I always worry after Christmas I won't sell anything all year till next Christmas but then I got a custom cat order so all is fine.

365/365 2015

Day 365 - The last day of the year is sunny and cold which is perfect last day of the year weather. It's still only the afternoon but I didn't want this project to drag over to tomorrow (next year!). The rest of the year will be spent pottering about and getting excited for New Years/Christmas number two with my parents.

Happy new year folks, I hope 2016 will be good to you!

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