Friday, 18 March 2016

Fan Art Friday ~ Mulder and Scully

There are a whole bunch of things that I've never seen/played/read but should have. Not because other people say it's something you should read/watch/play but just because I would clearly love it. Things I really want to see/watch/play but just for various reasons have never had the chance. People who like things I like also really like these things. I'm sure I like them too, I just can't be sure, you know, having never actually seen/played/read them. Like Zelda, I liked Zelda. If something was described as similar to Zelda I'd see it as a good point. I'd never played or watched someone else play any of it. A while ago I got Ocarina of Time for my N64 and every time I sit down to play it I'm like 'oh man, I was so right. I knew I liked this!'. X-Files is one of those things. I'd never seen it but knew I liked it.

Mulder and Scully

Before the new series aired on UK television Will saw that they'd played some older episodes which were then on the on demand player so I finally got to see some X-Files. And oh man, I was so right. I knew I like this! I watched as many of the on demand episodes as I could before they were taken down, watched the new series and then a channel I actually have (only freeview round here) started showing all episodes starting with the pilot! It's awesome, I love it so much. It's kind of fascinating having seen the new series too, knowing a bit about how the characters develop and where the main story arc is sort of headed and that I'll get to see that episode where Mulder wakes up from an attack singing the Shaft theme tune again before too long.
I want to make fan art friday a fairly regular thing and thought this was a good place to start.

And in case you don't know what episode I was referring too:

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