Sunday, 3 April 2016

Norwich Gaming Festival 2016

Norwich Gaming Festival

Last week the Norwich Gaming Festival was taking place at The Forum so we found a tiny piece of afternoon on the Wednesday for a quick nosey. Even with no time to actually play games or spending money to buy games (and toys and sweets) it was still pretty cool. We just had a quick run round followed by a peek in the nearby Television and Movie Store then back to our various works. I spent the next two days listening to the live streams of the talks they had on youtube while I worked because I couldn't go see them in person. Hopefully next year I'll be able to give it more attention. I'm sure there was more to it this year compared to last year, I can only imagine it'll keep getting better.

  Norwich Gaming FestivalNorwich Gaming Festival

Obviously seeing all the old games is fun (as well as old consoles, they have all kinds of new games to try out too) but even seeing the old tv sets was quite enjoyable. It's crazy how quickly tv's changed, when we moved to Norwich almost 5 years ago our set was massive. Not that we're ever at the forefront of technology but you get my point.


And here's some video snippets too. It's a little wonky but I'm still gaining the confidence to properly film things while people are about. Practise makes perfect ^_^

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