Saturday, 2 April 2016

One Second Every Day March 2016

March was definitely better than February. spent it mostly exhausted but I've been doing a lot of planning and I definitely felt more productive. Especially towards the end with the evenings getting lighter again. It's amazing the difference light can make, I love the clock change. Plus I had some final medical results come back from a check up clear so it's good to have something like that that's been on my mind for months finally over. More brain power to plow into something happier.
I finally, after years and years and years of wanting to but for various reasons not being able to, bleached my hair. I've gone with green but want to try all the colours at some point.
I started watching My Little Pony on Pop and got totally addicted and now spend my time figuring out which bits of My Little Pony merch I'm going to have to get. The pony at the end of the video came with this months magazine. The collection has started 😊 Luckily Will is as obsessed as me so we can join forces on acquiring stuff. I think I might get myself these leggings.

I only missed one day of video this month, go me! A few of them are last minute before bed type seconds which seem to be the bulk of my 365 projects but I'll get better at it I'm sure. Feeling positive 👍

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