Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Picture Party ~ Line Camera Edition 002

Pretty cat doesn't like us anymore but she's still pretty // working on new crochet bits // getting a new tough sticker // I spent money on the bus because it was really rainy (then snowy) and felt guilty, also my hair was being cute

Best recent charity shop find // cute doughnuts // we made fairy cakes ^_^ // kawaii croc

My hair is a little different now.

Comics and crochet // crochet and comics

Collecting from kinder eggs, I only need Raphael now but he is proving elusive // testing some glues // angel delight and buttons for post cervical screening comfort // huge glass for cheapest drink

Easter times // packing orders on the floor // more kinder egg goodies for my new obsession // trying to get better at embroidery, to edge or not to edge...

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