Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Small Treats Making Me Smile

I popped out this morning to get a few chores done and treated myself to a few bits at the same time. Spending money is really hard for me (probably because I rarely have any, I'm out of practise) and generally shops make me anxious anyway so I like the idea of doing some nice photos and recording my stuff here. Also, I just really fancied doing a blog post.


Will came home with a half bag of saved crisps for me yesterday because he's awesome and thought I'd like the flavour, they were prawn crackers but bbq flavour. I had no idea prawn crackers could also be flavours. I've been missing out, these were amazing so I got more today obviously. We're watching Force Awakens tonight (finally, we are slow) so I thought I'd get a few other snacks too and noticed this 'pork crackling' that's actually not pork it's peas and also vinegar and chilli flavour so I had to try that. Also strawberry pocky with a cute face on the box and a bottle of ramune which I've not seen here before and always hear about ramune flavoured things on various Japan based youtube channels so was very curious to try that out. Also to experience the infamous way those bottles open for myself.


I got myself some new DM's this week (Jake Boots, insert extreme excited face), I ordered them online and the site was all like 'why not add this £150 leather tote to your basket too?' and I was all like 'HA are you crazy?'. What they should suggest is Doc's Socks but they didn't and I figured they'd be pricey and was going to get some regular boot socks but turns out they're only £8 and pretty so I went into the Norwich store and got some and they feel lovely. Hopefully they will work and save my ankles.
There's a shop I walk past on my way to the Post Office that has a sign for pain au raisin candles and it intrigues me every time. I've never really bought scented candles but I went in today to smell the pain au raisin and there was a little tub of sale candles for £1 each. There weren't any raisin ones but I got a blueberry muffin because it seemed weird without (hopefully) being too much the bad type of stinky.


I also got another tub of green for my hair. I'm going to wait on bleaching it again so it doesn't die but it needs re-greening. I will hopefully do that soon and it can go in my OOTD video I've got a hankering to make. I've been inspired by my previously mentioned beautiful new boots, I feel they need to be shared with the world. Not in a show off way just they're so cool they'll make you happy to look at way. I enjoy other peoples outfit videos and I enjoy making videos so why not, I'll try something new.

I hope you have small treats making you smile too. Happy Wednesday folks ^_^

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