Thursday, 30 June 2016

A Thursday, A Friday, A Saturday and A Sunday

I had planned to upload this much closer to when it actually happened but sometimes time gets away from you. The set of photos and a weird little vlog still exist so I thought I'd upload them even if it is Thursday all over again already. (Almost not Thursday anymore, my internet is so slow for uploading videos!)


Apparently Doc's Socks are amazing because I've had no trouble with my new DM's at all and then I went out briefly in regular socks while the Doc's Socks were in the wash and instantly got a blister. Self portrait of a person worried about the EU referendum.


Turned out I was right to be worried. People are making me sad right now.


Bernard's beautiful mouth is a good distraction from a country gone to shit. I didn't actually read that comic until the next day because it started raining after I took the photo so I went back inside and worked.
Also for Saturday, a vlog of sorts.


Our first strawberry. I thought we wouldn't get any his year, don't they stop producing after a couple of years or something? Plus we're getting barely any sun. A nice surprise. Snickers is impossible to get a clear photo of but I wanted to include him. The garden was pretending to be in the middle of a nice summer. And Bernard's mouth again because I can't get enough of it.

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