Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Let's Draw #2 and #3


The other day I was feeling a bit lost work wise so I did the sensible thing and rather than getting in a tizzy and doing nothing at all I sat at my desk and drew even though I didn't know what I needed to be drawing. Looking back at 'nothing' drawing is often where I get my ideas for final pieces so as hard as it is some days it's always worth doing the work even if it doesn't seem like you're doing any work. And anyway, drawing is always work because it all counts as experience points for work you do later.
If you're looking for some people/fashion reference to draw from I highly recommend @tokyofashion on instagram. I love drawing from their feed. Even when my drawings don't turn out great they're interesting enough to have got me drawing in the first place and that's what really matters.


I also filmed while I drew these pages. I was going to put it in one video but I decided to split them. I don't have a problem with long videos in general but watching this one felt long. Seeing as there was a natural point to split it into two, with it being two separate spreads, I did that.

I hope you're having a good week ^_^

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