Wednesday, 1 June 2016

One Second Every Day May 2016

I did it! This is the first month I've managed to actually do every day rather than most days ^_^
May was a fine month. I'm not sure how it happened but I turned a small corner mentally and am feeling a lot more positive and stuff. It probably isn't noticeable to other people but how I feel going about my day has definitely improved so that's good.

I've been filming a lot lately and have started uploading little vlogs to my youtube. I'm not ever saying it's daily because I'm not interested in setting goals I know I'll fail but it seems fairly regular this week anyway. I have one from yesterday to upload and am going outside today so will probably film that. If you enjoy seeing short videos of people basically having the same day over and over then check it out. (I think they're maybe not as boring as I think they are. I love other peoples vlogs even when nothing happens so why would mine be any different?)
I'm hoping to do a lot of different video based things, I really enjoy it and want to try it all. If you know of (legally) free or very cheap video editing software that is more advanced than Movie Maker then let me know. I'm getting by with it but would definitely like more options, it's a bit too basic tbh.

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