Thursday, 14 July 2016

Failed Vlog Montage

About a week ago I wanted to vlog the day but it ended up being a bit of a bust because I'd been feeling kind of down and it wasn't the best day and it sort of kept happening so for some reason I've plonked those clips into one video. I think it's important to notice when you're not feeling your best and to try and counter it somehow. It's not always possible but I find even making the effort to think about trying can help. This week I've pushed through on work, which can be hard. Working for myself makes it easy to put work aside but I always feel worse for it so I've concentrated on doing as much as I can. Also, stickers. Buying them, sticking them. Whatever. My art journal/scrapbook/whatever it would be called is giving me a nice start to my days. Do whatever helps you but don't give up on yourself, it's ok to feel down even if there's no obvious reason. It'll pass.


I took this photo the first day I tried to vlog and was going to use it as the thumbnail but I thought it was too misleading lol so I went with a youtube suggested one instead.

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