Thursday, 28 July 2016

I Am Enjoying Snapchat

I needed a new memory card for my phone, my internal memory is so small :'( and when I finally got one I thought I'd see what snapchat was all about. I wasn't expecting to keep it for very long, I don't have friends using it so I thought I basically wouldn't be able to use it but once I'd learnt how it works I actually got kind of obsessed. I realise this isn't really the point of snapchat but I have a real hoarding instinct when it comes to photos (I don't save all of them... but I do save most of them) and thought a blog post would be a good way to look back at them later. So here are some of my snaps so far.

I'll be sharing more work progress pictures, I just need more practise at stopping to take photos while I'm working. It will always be lots of my face plus filters though, I especially enjoy catching a filter when it's not on my face properly. If you want to follow me I'd like that ^_^  my username is vongarratt and I have my story set to public. I follow people back on there (and if it turns out to be a creep I quickly unfollow, keep your online spaces how you want them folks) but if you want to see my story without me seeing yours I'm cool with that, just ask me to unfollow you, I won't be offended ^_^

And here's the videos I've saved, not as much as the photos and mostly pets because they are often cuter in motion. (And I kind of forget you can do videos on there lol)

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