Friday, 1 July 2016

June Wrap Up

Another month of the year down, another attempt at a monthly round up type thing. Like I say in the video, ever since I started blogging years and years ago the idea of some sort of 'well that was that month' type post has appealed to me but I've never really managed it. So I thought why not have a go at a video version seeing as I enjoy that these days. Maybe it'll become a thing maybe this will be the only one. Hopefully we don't find out for a while, I need the year to slow down!


Here's a photo of (most of) the stuff I mention in my video. I also mention a couple of things that aren't tangible so they obviously aren't in the photo.


Here's that lovely wrapped up Sanrio parcel. It made my week, post is always good but when it's that cute it's even better.


And here's the poster from the My Little Pony comic pack. I love those things, they're pretty cheap too. Also my last dinner of June. I didn't mention it in the video but I probably should mention those carrot and kidney burgers at every opportunity because they're too good. It's a Jack Monroe recipe but I don't use onions and rarely have fresh herbs and yesterday I didn't need the flour. It's basically grated carrot and kidney beans warmed up and mushed together into patties then fried and nommed. So good.

Hope you had a good June ^_^

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