Saturday, 13 August 2016

Let's Make Stuff ~ Hand Painted Patch

Making things always makes me so very happy so I wanted to share some makes on here with you. Here is how I made my hand painted Ladybaby patch.

Once you've decided the thing you're a fan of that you want to show off about you will need:
a way of getting the logo onto your fabric, I printed it at home and then traced it onto the fabric with a pencil the same colour as the paint I would be using (so you can't see the pencil later). You could hand draw it, use transfer paper, whatever you have available to you :)
water and tissue (for cleaning the brush)

If sewing isn't for you then use fabric glue, you could even use some paint and decorate the edges of the patch seeing as you don't have the stitches making colours there. Blobs of glitter glue would be great.
Also don't worry if you need to simplify the design depending on how agile you are with a brush. It's meant to be fun, don't stress over it being a 'perfect' copy just enjoy the making :)

Literally one or two days after I made this patch Ladybeard announced he wasn't a part of Ladybaby anymore and Ladybaby released a video as 'The Idol Formerly Known As Ladybaby" so as always I am current and on trend. Whatever lol, I still wear it with pride, Ladybaby were awesome while they existed ^_^

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