Friday, 28 October 2016

Hammerhead, Adventure Pals and an Axolotl


Before Clutter City at the start of the month I worked really hard on getting some new designs finished so I could take packs of stickers, which worked out quite nicely and what didn't sell are listed in my Etsy. Now I'm working on getting all these new drawings listed in my print to order shops.

Adventure Pals

I started getting them uploaded yesterday with these three and also went through every design I already had up on both society6 and redbubble, making sure they were all placed on the products properly (society6 has changed how you do this so I have more control on each item now) and sorting out some of the png files so the shirts work nicer (I didn't really know what I was doing with the first set but now the designs look good on the dark shirts!)

Kawaii Hammerhead

If you notice any of the products look wrong please let me know. Uploading and fiddling with the files on every item available is not really the most exciting aspect of my job and even though I try as hard as I can, I imagine the odd wonky thing will slip through that I don't notice. Either because my slow slow internet makes my attention slip or because I'm getting distracted by the new Korn album, who knows >( ̄︶ ̄)<

Also, if you buy any of my designs please share! Tag me @vongarratt #beckygarratt on twitter and instagram. I'd love to see them. I think society6 is free shipping till the 30th so now's as good a time as any ^_^

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