Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Shop Update ~ Zines, Patches, Stickers

A few new bits that I made before the market and are now in my Etsy. September is the third monthly one sheet zine I've got listed. It's a mix of sketchbook/diary/tweets that I did done dooed in September (or whatever month it says on the front). Each month the new zine is available for free if you buy something else in my Etsy and just ask for a copy ^_^

A replacement pad patch because they were sold out and a bunch of new stickers. Before the market last week I did a ton of new illustrations and just quickly packed them as random sticker packs. I wanted more drawing work on my stall and who doesn't like stickers? This is what's left at the moment. I'll be doing some 'themed' sets and more random ones if people like them like this. The illustrations will be slowly but surely added to my print to order shops too.

Anxious Days is another new zine but a bigger one, in pages and topic. My style is quite simple and I'm not all that good at expressing myself with the words so I'm (ironically? annoyingly?) anxious about the fact it doesn't 'feel how I think a zine about anxiety should feel'. I mean, come on, that's pretty dumb. Anyway, this is 20 pages of illustrated words about anxious thoughts I've had/have. I upset myself a couple of times making this, in a therapy/self care kind of way though, I felt better for it each time (seriously, you should make a zine. You don't have to even show anyone). Overall, this zine is causing me trouble now though. When I look at other people's work about anxiety I identify and I feel for them and I'm impressed by their honesty. There's something about my own version that makes me feel like it will do none of those things for other people. I'm going to tell myself that's my broken brain being mean and put the zine out in the world anyway and not just think that how I work is just rubbish. Please don't tell me I'm rubbish (*μ_μ) update ╰(▔∀▔)╯


  1. Hullo. I just want to say that I suffer pretty badly from anxiety too and I think it's amazing you've done your zine. I would be too scared shitless to put my stuff out there (yet) so serious kudos. I hope it helps to hear that. Fluffy things and hugs.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it does help :) and I'm glad you have the 'yet' it's a good mindset to have ^_^