Friday, 11 November 2016

A Round Up Of Recent Designs

Amongst other things I've been plodding away at uploading designs to my print to order shops. Here's some examples of the most recent ones (plus that streamer design that I've shared before because I just love it so much).

I list them all on both my Society6 and Redbubble shops and make them available on every item, unless the design doesn't fit the shape properly. As I add more of my drawings I'm getting a feel for what I need the designs to be to be able to add them to all items so it's getting easier for me and also more likely for you that it'll be available. So even though there's only one example of each design in this post, they're each available on the items the others are featured on (and lots more). If that makes sense lol.

I've now got two Christmas designs on there too, a gingerbread cutie and some bells. They'd be great on a mug or shirt or something as a festive gift but also for yourself if you wanted to have a seasonal phone case or scarf or whatever.
Pretty much all of the items available work well as a gift and we all know it's always a good thing to support independent makers, so please go check out my designs. Even if you don't buy them yourself, any shares would be very much welcome too. I appreciate all and any support I get from you lovely folk so much.

Times are pretty tough at the moment, I hope you're looking after yourself and that the weekend (and ever after) treats you well ^_^

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