Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Boomerang 2016

Boomerang is one of my favourite apps but there isn't really a lot you can actually do with those little 4 second videos. I thought stringing them all together would be a good way of keeping them to watch later and seeing as we're at the start of a new year I figured now was the time to organise them. I enjoyed watching the video when I put it together so I'm sure when I come across it again at some point it'll be just as fun. It's mostly me, Bernard and Snickers. Boomerangs seem to be the most 'authentic' way of capturing Snickers, how he moves is just as erratic when seen with your eyes lol.

I still feel weird putting videos online generally but this one I especially think "it's not going to interest anyone else, people are going to think I'm stupid for putting it up" but as ever I've done it for myself, adding things to places like youtube and here make it easier for me to look through, and if you want to have a look too I hope you like it but if not then that's fine. It always amazes me how much time people spend looking at things they don't like >-<

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