Friday, 20 January 2017

December Wrap Up


I thought it'd be nice to share the Christmas presents I was given that give me a chance to promote an individual/small business type of thing. I couldn't figure how to word that better when I recorded the video either but I'm sure you know what I mean ^_^
Not featured in the video is this Tofu Cute snacks lucky bag I was also fortunate enough to be given. I was saving it till after all the Christmas food was gone, then I got a stinker of a cold and couldn't taste anything but that's on it's way out now so I'm really looking forward to trying all these new (to me) snacks and then sticking all the beautiful packaging in my journal.

Here's the links I added to the youtube description:
Totoro stickers came from this Etsy shop. I was also given some Totoro washi tape from this same shop, it's wonderful.
My leggings are here. The streamer pattern is available on all sorts of other products too ^_^
Sacred Heart by Liz Suburbia and Liz's website
Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. Since recording this video I have read this and it's instantly one of my favourite comics, she's an amazing writer. Her website.
Jumper is in this Etsy shop.

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