Wednesday, 5 April 2017

a not dramatic sounding title


Not really anything to share image wise this week but I wanted to keep up with what I've been doing here. The reason for it is we had a really horrible, sad Saturday a week or so ago and it just made me not very interested in things for a while. The short story is we had to have Bernard, our rabbit, put down and it broke my heart. Pets are strange and wonderful things and he was really important to me and now he's not here anymore and it's the weirdest thing.


It turned out I didn't feel like looking at any social media after that. It wasn't like a conscious decision, I just noticed that I hadn't looked at anything for a few days and then I figured I'd intentionally take a break from it for another few days. So I didn't look at twitter or instagram at all for just over a week. I don't really use them that much but I definitely waste time on there so I thought it'd be a nice break, even if I was going to sit and stare blankly at something I'd have to do with just myself and not the hundreds of voices sharing hundreds of things.
It wasn't hard actually. I kept thinking I should be sharing things because of self promotion/work but generally I was alright without it. I like seeing all the things people share, I try really hard to only follow people that are interesting in one way or another so my social media isn't a bad place to be anyway but I feel much better for not looking at it all the time. And now that I'm allowing myself to look again I find I haven't that much anyway. I love the internet and I love seeing all the things but, I don't know how to describe it, my brain feels fresher or something for having not looked at so much stuff for a while. I'll definitely be careful how much time I spend just mindlessly scrolling through things from now on.


Speaking of feeling like I should share things for self promotion, I listed the pattern for these bunnies in my etsy. I thought people might like it before Easter.

When I was filming this past week or so I was kind of making myself do it when my heart wasn't entirely in it but I had an idea for making some sort of quick little clips type of thing and just concentrated on that to get me picking up the camera and filming little bits of video. I'm not sure it turned out how I had it in my head but ain't that just the way. At least I managed to make something.

I tried all sorts of relevant titles for this post and they all sounded so dramatic I just couldn't stick with any of them. 

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  1. I'm terrible and slow to read this but sending much sympathy about Bernard. I lost a bunny unexpectedly as a teenager and I was heartbroken. Well done for giving him a lovely life <3