Wednesday, 12 April 2017

having a go at veda

I'm having a go at veda, vlog every day april. I'd been planning to do it and on the first I didn't feel like it but by the fifth I did feel like it (I'm so complex) so I started late but I'm doing it now and trying to not be weird about how it won't actually be every day. I won't post every video here but they're all on my youtube if you'd like to look and I'll probably dot my favourites into my other posts during the month. I really enjoyed doing vlogmas but my december is busy in a repetitive work kind of a way rather than an interesting fun time holidays kind of way so I feel like april is a better time for me to get my daily vlog achievement feeling while making more interesting (? maybe) videos. It's still only the random shambles my videos ever are but maybe that's just my style of video making, random shambles. I know I prefer watching youtube videos that feel a bit more one person powered and like there isn't an agency somewhere behind it at some stage so I shouldn't be so hard on myself while I'm judging my own videos, I'll just get better with practise.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with people getting an agent and making youtube their job and having all fancy equipment and getting sponsered and what not and not everyone with an agent makes boring (to me) videos, I'm just saying the huge polished youtubers don't tend to interest me. I've seen it happen with blogs I love too, the more readers they get the more revenue they get from advertisers so the more worried they are about alienating anyone and the more bland the content gets. Youtube seemed to be an amazing way for people to make their own videos whether that be homemade stories or vlogs or tutorials or whatever and to also have the chance to see what some random person was up to that they otherwise wouldn't be able to share and then advertisers realised they could make money from this cool new thing and now 'youtuber' has become like a style of video making and people are pandering to companies (or just general clickbait *eyeroll*) and it sometimes feels a bit stale. I wish they'd at least change the search algorithm so it was easier to find stuff that doesn't have millions of subscribers and views already. It's a shame there must be so much great stuff getting lost underneath the videos that already have a massive following and don't really need to always be the top results.

One type of video gripe I really do have is seasonal/monthly favourites videos being in the middle of the month. It's not your favourite thing that month if the month isn't over, it's something you bought a week ago and there's some broken part of your brain that feels the need to let people know about it so they too can go out and buy it before the month is up. Stop doing free work for companies that can afford to spend thousands on advertising. I like seeing things that people have enjoyed, whether it's something that is or isn't available anymore but buying something and making a video about how awesome you think it is even though you haven't actually used it yet is so weird to me. There's a difference between sharing something because you enjoyed it and think other people might want to know about it too and sharing something because you hope to eventually make money from sharing things. It also feels super wasteful if people are buying things for the sake of making a video. I don't know, people can do what they like, I don't have to watch it, it just makes me uncomfortable when people pander to massive corporations. We shouldn't be trying to make companies like us, companies should be trying to make us like them. (I've realised that the 'like's in that sentence could be read as 'similar to' which is the opposite of what I mean and much more like what is actually happening and now I can't stop reading it as that lol)

Anyway, I don't want to end on a negative rant. I love watching videos people have made. It's amazing and awesome. Please share you're favourite videos/channels so I can find more awesome things to look at. My liked videos/subscriptions are public on my channel so feel free to have a nosey through that if you'd like to see some of what I watch ^_^

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