Sunday, 30 July 2017

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These mini hama beads are really fiddly but it's so satisfying making the little picture bit by bit. These are badges and I put them in my etsy just as cheap little extras. I really want to just be making things all of the time and then have them for sale, I don't want to be really restrictive in "what I do". Maybe it's a huge mistake and I should be more worried about branding and making a specific set of stuff but I don't think I'd be happy like that. The pizza badge has already sold so at least these weren't a mistake to list :)


I actually managed to buy some new clothes!! You can see them in the video. I find clothes shopping so stressful it was nice to actually come away with something. I ran out of fabric medium at the start of the week (and then missed the post so I still don't have it...) so these shirts are waiting for the rest of their colours.


Norwich can be kinda pretty. I got a new tattoo! I filmed a little bit while I was there and tried to show it off in my vlog once I was home and sleep addled so that's a bit of a mess but the tattoo isn't. Will has a bunch of sketchbooks where he just draws out of his head with poscas and they're great. I asked him to do me a Bride of Frankenstein how he draws in those books and it turned out awesome.

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