Saturday, 22 July 2017

No more Snickers :(


This week was a super lame week. On Monday Snickers (our syrian hamster) died, he was old and he literally went to sleep in his nest and that was that. It doesn't stop it from being sad but of all the ways to lose a pet it was probably the best. He kind of prepared us for a few days and then just went, the whole while being fine in himself, just getting slower. Losing pets sucks. He was such a presence in the house and now he's not there anymore. When we got a hamster I thought, "yeah that'll be adorable" but I wasn't expecting him to have such a personality.
Fucking jerks lol, why'd they both have to die in the same half a year span?! Now we are pet-less and miserable about it.


So overall the week felt a bit slow and sad (still having little cries when I bump the table and go to apologise and realise he isn't there) but I did get started on some things. I started lining out the shirts I will actually be making available in my shop (rather than just keeping for myself lol) and I also started stretching my ears. Tiny tiny first stretch.
This one may have lost momentum slightly because of the sads but I'm really enjoying making my weekly vlogs lately ^_^

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