Thursday, 6 July 2017


Last week I didn't do a weekly vlog. I did a 'video an hour' video on the Friday but had also filmed some bits on the Thursday so I gave them a video of their own too.

Thursday 29th June

I remember feeling really, really down on Thursday, especially at the end of the day (after I filmed these bits). I think it was a long time coming, a lot of bad thoughts built up and peaked, like a thunderstorm after humid weather. But this week I've been feeling really motivated. I'm fed up of not seeing myself in a good light and I'm working to rectify that. More structure, more belief in myself as a professional artist (/designer/crafter/handmade maker person, I still haven't figured out my job title lol).

Friday 30th June

I also recently came across furrylittlepeach's studio vlogs on youtube and they made me feel pretty inspired. I guess it's similar to how some people need to share a studio with other people to feel motivated and like they're 'at work', I enjoy watching videos by art folks while I work (or even while I'm not working, the good feelings carry over) even though I wouldn't be able to work with loads of people actually in the room.

I find it pretty impossible to come across new channels I want to watch through youtube though (e.g. I watched 1 min of that 20 min video why are you now only recommending that person's videos!!) (I know it's because of greedy google and their need for ad revenue but come on!) so if you know of any arty people that vlog I'd love to know about them. I find they don't even have to make work that is to my taste but if they come across as hard working and friendly and make things then it's good watching.
And seeing as I'm asking for recommendations....
Audra Auclair is great. Her work is beautiful but I really love how while talking about art things she also talks about other things she cares about. For example I found it refreshing to hear someone mention being uneasy about the amount plastic they were having to use in pen refills even though it might be an art material you really love. (Why don't more people care about how evil plastic is!!!!, but that's a different rant lol)
Frannerd. Oh Fran, how I love thee. She comes across as such a friendly person, I love her work and she's so willing to share information that traditionally people think you should keep to yourself. Let's just all share everything and be helpful to each other yeah?
Furrylittlepeach. As I already mentioned, Sha'an's vlogs got me feeling super motivated this past week.
Nerdburger isn't an art channel but it's still all about things I love and I also love Cazz so much. Her joy for all things comics, toys, horror films, colour and outdated tech is contagious. I mean I'm already highly infected with a love for all of those things but oh my gosh Cazz, I love her. Her and Liam are a pair of real good eggs.
The Sad Ghost Club. I really enjoyed having their sketchbook club videos on while I worked in my sketchbook, it's so weird that having a video on can make you feel less lonely at your desk. I hope they do more of them.

Please share any arty types you watch on youtube! I don't care if they have a huge following or a small following, if they can help inspire me to stay as upbeat about work as I have this week then I'll drink them right up ^_^


  1. I like bayleejae and jazza from draw with jazza is sweet. Peter Draws is really funny, I love him. His videos are really surreal and he had a relaxing voice. And I also really like Chloe Rose Art, she's cool.

    1. Thank you! I'll check these out ^_^

  2. No prob. Hope you like them :)

  3. I also really like Chloe Rose Art, she's cool.


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