Tuesday, 29 August 2017

last chance crochet and a new design


I feel like I did no work last week but making this weeks vlog reminded me of some work that I did do which is good. I love reviewing myself lol, these vlogs help and also my monthly zines really help me realise I'm not entirely useless. I definitely didn't do enough work though, my head's been a bit all over the place and I have started to feel a bit down the past half a week but I think I just need to find some focus so I can be as productive as I want to be.


a bus trip for a low energy day // some sketchbook // an accurate photo of Sharkey


When I stopped helping at the shop I also brought my stock home, I figured it would be more use to me as etsy stock that would tide me over while I worked on new things and I got these bits photographed and listed this week. I probably won't make more of them so if you want one you should grab them now. I made and re-stocked the "don't tell me to smile" patches and also made the crochet pattern for these cats available.


Will's sister is going to Japan for a year ( (╥﹏╥) so jealous!!!!) and we had her instax to fix so we decorated some photos of us for her to take. Is there anything better than sticking stickers on things and doodling with colourful pens? I think not.


I also got this design up on my print to order shops. You can see the original sketch in the video, I just cleaned it up and added the orange background.

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