Saturday, 14 October 2017

painting my dungarees


I love my dungarees dress. It's a size too big and it's comfy and it's cute but I put it on recently and it made me feel bad. I have issues with leaving the house and feeling like I don't look good. Not in a way that is about whether I look acceptable to other people but I don't often feel like I look like myself and on different days it bothers me different amounts for different reasons. While getting upset about not having clothes that I feel suit me I reminded myself that I could totally just paint stuff. So I did. And I love it.


Just in case it isn't clear from the video here's how I did it:
I cut a circle in some tracing paper the size I wanted my circles to be.
I used a pointy brush to trace the circles onto the fabric, being careful not to get paint on the stencil so I didn't smudge paint everywhere later, then took off the tracing paper and used a wider brush to fill in the circle.
The paint I used was some cheap acrylic from Tiger (they have some really nice colours) mixed with fabric medium.
Repeat randomly all over the place.
I had a piece of card under the first section but the paint wasn't going through the fabric anyway.
Then I left it on the floor (I could have hung it up lol) for 2 days until the paint wasn't tacky anymore, I think it took a while because of the cord type fabric, and ironed it on the reverse side to set the paint.

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