Sunday, 15 October 2017

pretty skies


Ok so this vlog and my last update post kind of overlap and make everything weird. I maybe need to re-evaluate how I do these posts but whatever. I'm pretty sure I already explained Pixel's current state/last vet visit and now we're halfway through this course of antibiotics and he is still taking them like the good cheese fiend he is.


I got asked to draw a new icon for someone I'm already a fan of this week which is pretty exciting, when I can shut up the anxiety and self doubt anyway. But it is a really fun commission and I can't wait to see it finished and in use.


I don't know if it's always this pretty and I don't normally notice or if the sky has been on finer form this week but there have been a few nights recently where everything is just so pink and lovely. I love autumn (we found a small slug in the house this morning so it does have it's down sides)(what's it like to live in a house that fits together properly?)

Shameless self promotion time. I'd really love it if you would get yourself or a friend something from any of my shops, it's a pretty slow time of year and Pixel is trying real hard to be the most expensive rat ever so any purchases would be even more appreciated than usual ^_^
Also, if there's something crochet you want from my Etsy shop I probably won't be making more of them so you really should snap it up now anyway.
I'm also at a weird place where I'm saving up for a tablet so I can be more productive but that's kind of stopping me from spending money on other materials, so I'm having lots of plans for things I want to make and not being able to buy the stuff I need to make them (which will stop me from earning money from these ideas and plans) and needing to buy a nebuliser for Pixel is going to eat into saving for the tablet so that whole thing is going to take even longer.
That damn pricey rat, that damn pricey, adorable, so soft, funny, little weirdo rat that I love so much and want to heal so badly (♡˙︶˙♡) 
But yeah, buy things please, look at his little face, don't you want to help that little face ^_^ 

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