Friday, 10 November 2017

Cheerleader by Stella Jang

Sometimes you just have to take screenshots of a kpop video and put them on your blog. I saw this video for the first time last night and I love it. The look of the drawing is really cool, the colours are so bright and good, her heavily auto-tuned voice sounds awesome and there's a good message in there too. I only need you, but money would be nice also. It's very relatable I feel. I also like how it's two sided, they both want to provide for the other. I like it a lot.

Also, this is my first blog post using my new surface pro. I talk about it in my vlog this week (which will be posted soon) so I won't go over it again here but it's making me feel really productive and I'm finding it super useful. I haven't bought a keyboard yet though and this one keeps changing my words and I feel like the formatting of this post might be a bit off but that's ok. I'm sure I'll get used to it ^_^

Here's the video, it has English subtitles which is a nice bonus. I highly recommend it, it cheers me right up :)

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