Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Christmas designs for redbubble

My mum asked me to design some Christmas cards for her and I thought I'd add them to my redbubble as well. What made me think to do it was that I thought they'd make good stickers. Redbubble often has deals on buying multiple stickers and I think the pudding, tree and sprout especially would look really cute as die cut stickers on presents or cards or something (sorry pom poms and fairy lights, I'm sure you'd be a cute sticker too). I ended up putting the designs on most of the available products though and they make for some pretty cute shirts and mugs too (if I do say so myself ^_^)

It always feels weird posting Christmas stuff in November (I very much try to ignore Christmas until at least the start of December) but if you're getting things made and posted you sometimes need to start a little early, what can ya do *shrugs*

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