Thursday, 2 November 2017

Crochet sale!


Through November all the crochet items in my Etsy shop have 30% off! In the new year I'm going to be concentrating on illustrated pieces and I'd love to move these crochet items on to new homes (and out of my studio!).
I chose November for the sale so people outside the UK should have plenty of arrival time for Christmas. On December 1st the sale ends and I'll be letting the listings for these items expire in the new year so this is official last chance warning. Crochet ended up being work by accident which might sound weird but it's true and I've been thinking a lot this year about what I really want to be doing and I've been kind of fazing out crochet but it's time to properly put an end to these pieces. I'm sure I'll use crochet at some point in the future for things that count as work but I want it to be a hobby again because it turned into a chore that I didn't look forward to which is dumb because crochet can be relaxing and also really creative and clever.
So grab yourself a bargain and also help me out with clearing space and buying food ^_^

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