Sunday, 21 January 2018

1-19 ~ 365 2018

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I haven't tried a 365 photo project in a few years and I'm not sure I've ever managed to complete one but this year I'm having a go at 365 self portraits (or selfies if self portraits sounds pretentious or something, I'm not trying to make it sound more "proper" I just remember doing "365 self portrait" projects before people said selfie because I'm old and it just has stuck also I feel like selfie implies you're trying to make yourself look your best and I'm more likely to take a photo when I'm tired or feeling rough but that might be a defence mechanism or something I dunno maybe I'll write about that with another set of days I might have written about it before here actually, anyway.....). I'm hoping it'll help me with looks based self esteem and more interestingly I like the idea of documenting myself for a whole year just to be able to look through it at the end. This is day 1 to 19 but day 12 is missing because my phone sd card corrupted and my day 12 photo seems to be the only thing I couldn't recover, I remember taking it though so I'm not letting the missing day put me off my project, day 12 is here in spirit so it's fine.

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