Tuesday, 9 January 2018

New year thinks

Oh why hello there blog! Happy new year to you!
I feel like I've already done all my reflective 2017 thoughts everywhere else I am on the internet so if you want that feel free to go find it. Basically it was mentally rough and I needed a rest and for christmas I got one, yay!
Now that we're 6 days into the year I can safely say I am feeling relaxed and productive and excited to keep trying and maybe even try a bit harder. At what, no one really knows but it's a good general goal to have.
I know having an annoying brain doesn't magically go away but I'm just focusing on the fact that at the moment I feel positive.

Here are some of my thoughts for this new year:
I want to spend more time in my garden, I can't imagine I'll always have one so I should make the most of it.
I would like to browse more of the internet away from just the feeds I follow. And also just look at a lot more stuff on purpose whether it's online or off.
Make more things! Last year I really held myself back with worrying about money and wasting supplies and would anyone like it, is it a waste of time and all that stuff so this year I hope I can just ignore that complicated mixture of valid and anxiety driven thoughts and just make more stuff. All I really want out of life is to look at nice* stuff and make nice* stuff. It's totally achievable I need to stop stopping myself.
*what nice means is open to interpretation obviously.
I'm thinking I might do a 365 self portrait project. An ongoing theme for me is hating photos of myself/just generally feeling weird about how I look but not wanting to and maybe I should once and for all do something about it. Maybe this would help?
Worry about everything less.


Anyway, I have been procrastinating all morning and it's already quarter past two and I need food and then need to actually do some work. I've got a lot of scans of drawings from last year that I'm making look nice so I can maybe make badges or something from them and I should really get back on with that.

Addition: We're now 9 days into the year and I didn't get around to posting this. I'm looking forward to longer days so I can start waking up early again and feeling like I actually have time to do things but I'm also reminding myself that now is what I've got and thinking something that will happen in the future will fix it isn't a good mindset. Anyway, I'm still working on those scans so see you later ^_^

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