Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Blackpink House❤

I've liked Blackpink for a while but only really knew about them through their music. Now I've been watching Blackpink House and I'm totally smitten with the four of them. They're so sweet and funny and I love watching anything where there's a lot of eating but food isn't the point of the programme so I obviously love this. The general premise is that they've been given a 100 day vacation (although they definitely still have to work, aside from this programme being made we see them at photoshoots, fan meets and Jisoo being an emcee) and have been moved into a new house full of cameras in Hongdae in Seoul where they get to have a nice time and we get to watch it. It was nice to see them getting excited walking around the area without face masks or anything to hide themselves, even with the camera crew surrounding them it still seemed like they genuinely felt a freedom they hadn't had in a while and it was nice to watch.

It always feels almost obligatory to pick favourites when you like a group. I've never really seen them in anything other than their music videos. I do a lot of my kpop viewing on youtube through the ps3 in the evening and I often choose something and then let it pick videos for me and I've seen various things for some of the other groups I like but I've never sought out any Blackpink other than the music videos and from this alone I would have said Lisa was my favourite but I can't really say why because I didn't even really have much to go on. That was just my instinct or whatever.
Now though that is just nonsense, don't ask me to pick a favourite, how can I even think of such things. It's ridiculous, I love them all equally because they are all brilliant.

There are 7 episodes out so far and I think I read that there will be 12 altogether and I'm already sad about it ending. I love being a fan of stuff, I feel like maybe we lose something "growing up" like how kids draw but then most adults don't. How teenagers are so into stuff and then adults seem to be less bothered by things. Obviously adults still like stuff but it seems different. Adults have a lot of things to concentrate on that teenagers don't have to waste time with but I think time should be found for being fanatic about something. I think that happened to me for a bit in my early-mid twenties, I still had particular things that I was interested in but it was different to that teenage, fanatic interest but now it's come back to me (in it's own way, I'm obviously not seeing things the same as a teenager would) and I just feel like being a big fan of things makes me a better person. I don't know how to explain it but when I really like something even if it's completely unrelated to anything else it makes me be more productive, or look after myself better or if nothing else it just makes me happier for a bit and that's important and awesome. So thank you Blackpink House for making me realise how much I love these girls and giving me something new to be super keen for.

Here's the playlist for the series on their youtube.

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