Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sanrio Boys💖

Last night we finished watching Sanrio Boys. Oh my gosh do I love those boys.

When I first heard about this anime I thought it was going to just basically be an advert for Sanrio stuff plus now these cute boys who would surely have merch too (I didn't know then that the characters already existed but I since found out and I want these blind box cup balancey things (puttito?) so much) and I was fine with that tbh, but it wasn't that. It's. So. Good. It covers friendship, gender stereotypes and having the confidence to like whatever you want, family, grief, guilt, wanting to sparkle and not fully knowing what you even mean!!!!!
One of the main and more obvious points is about how boys can like cute stuff too which is an important message because let's face it if boys were allowed to just like whatever they wanted they maybe wouldn't grow up to be angry jerks and I love how reassuringly it's dealt with. If you're worried about admitting something about yourself it's easy to play out all these crazy ways people are going to react that keep you hiding the thing but I felt Sanrio Boys handled this in a really reassuring way, nothing really bad happened when Kouta started admitting he loves Pompompurin. Some people are like "oh, that's weird for a boy" but it doesn't get dwelled on, no one is really awful to him about it, it's like a gentle nudge of "go ahead, be yourself, it'll be fine."

I really enjoyed it, it was funny and cute and had some really horrible moments and made me cry and was overall a real good time. I definitely recommend watching it, especially if you thought about it but then didn't because it might have been a nothing-y advert. It's so much better than that.

Also, they better be working on a series 2 with Badtz Maru dude being in it because I very much want to watch that (=⌒▽⌒=)

Here it is on crunchyroll for free and here is the official Sanrio Boys website ^_^

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