Friday, 25 May 2018

Some New Things


I really don't have any spare money this month but I couldn't say no to this cute badge for only 30p. I think it's from a publisher of children's bible stories but I don't really care about that, I just like how cute the reading fish is and the colours are perfect ^_^


I got two new tattoos on Tuesday. I'm so excited to see how these colours settle in with no black.


And a little hand poked gameboy with some Tetris blocks (that's in an awkward place and will never look straight lol). I love hand poke tattoos, they're so calm even though it's weird to feel every tiny stab. I also love Tetris, I still play on my gameboy that I've a since I was a kid.

Be Ugly Tote

Some new things I made, this "be ugly" tote.
A lot of pressure is put on appearance and we are always told that there is something wrong with how we look, whether it's a choice or just how we were born, and I think it's crap and you can look however you like and if you're a good person you'll look great because being decent is all that really matters.
It's a topic I feel strongly about but aren't really articulate enough to explain so I just paint it on things ^_^

Hand Drawn Key Rings

New key rings! Positive charms to hang from your keys or your bag or whatever. Two of these aren't new but I added beads to them so they're like new.

Hope you're having a good week (*^ワ^*)

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