Monday, 18 June 2018

New Work ~ Sequin Badges and Second Nerdburger Commission

Two recent pieces of work that I haven't gotten around to sharing here yet.

New badges in my etsy shop, sequin badges no less. It occurred to me that I could just put things in the badge press and seal it into badge form and I love it so much. It's actually quite fiddly to do because if the sequins are too close to the edge the press can't fold it into a badge but I want them to fill the badge so they need to get as close to the edge as possible but that just makes them more satisfying to make. I want to find lots of other things to try it with.

Nerdburger got in touch to commission me again, this time a portrait of her husband to match the one I'd done of her before to use on their Japan vlogs. They've put out 3 (I think) Japan videos so far and I highly suggest watching them along with all her other videos. One of my favourite youtube channels, it's really surreal (and awesome) to see my work pop up whenever I watch ^_^ Thanks Cazz!!

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