Monday, 23 July 2018

Shop Update ~ Stickers and Kpop Zine

Boring But Not Bored Sticker Set

Some recent (sort of, I'm lazy at blogging) new things in my shop. This hand cut set of stickers. I tried a new type of paper for these and I'm really pleased with them.

Yes I Want Some New Zine

Yes I Want Some New Zine

My kpop fanzine! I worked on this for a long time (not as long as it took Blackpink to have a comeback though) and it's 32 pages of random thoughts and drawings from an old lady kpop fan (me)(not that old)(kinda old tho).

Thank You Stickers

I also made new business stickers, (business cards....but....stickers) and some thank you stickers to use with orders. I put a pdf of the thank you stickers in my shop so you can use them on orders or whatever too ^_^

I'm trying to harness my last post about enjoying summer while simultaneously cursing the heat. It's so stuffy and horrible today and I think my brain is going to swell right up and burst out of my head. I hope your brain is less swollen.

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