Sunday, 26 August 2018

Kid Chameleon and Sylvia Plath ~ This Week's Things

Here are some things from my week ^_^


Because I started reading Sylvia Plath's journals, which is a mammoth book, my manga reading has slowed down a bit but this week I read volume 3 of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine by Yoko Nogiri and I'm really enjoying it. It's about a group of boys who are actually animals disguising themselves as humans and a girl that moves to their school and finds out their secret. I really like how it uses that japanese sneaky animal folklore, it's pretty cute.
As I mentioned I'm reading Sylvia Plath's journals. The version I have covers 1950 - 1962 and is edited by Karen V. Kukil and (even though I haven't read other versions) I'd recommend this because it's as true to the original as possible even including spelling mistakes and when she underlined or circled things. Overall it's interesting to read someone's journals but sometimes reading something decades old makes you sad about how slow change can be.


A couple of birthdays ago Will got me a Sega collections game for the ps3 and there are so many games on it I'd only really played the ones I already knew but I tried Kid Chameleon the other day and it's my new favourite game, the plot is you are a cool dude in a virtual reality game that's gone evil and you collect helmets and turn into samurai and knights and even a tank as you go through the levels. It's a lot of fun and even has an almost chibi look to it with your character being all cute and chunky but clearly also a cool dude.
Last night Will came home with two Sylvanian Families blind bags for me!!! I'd seen on their twitter that they'd released these new blind bags but didn't really think about actually ever having any (I have a weird mental block on buying things that we won't go into) but now I have two and they're SO ADORABLE. I have spent a lot of time squealing over Sylvanian Families in toy shops but have never actually owned any, or even held one and I'm so in love with how well made they are and how soft they are. It's a little too much to cope with. The squirrel's arms move and they hold. the. tambourine. !!!!!


This week I got back into painting. It was a while ago now that I did some little paintings and really loved it but then we had a heatwave and working at my desk with stodgy acrylic just wasn't fun anymore but it's cooled down again and the paint (and my head) is behaving much better so I'm back at it. I need a lot more practise, especially at how I want to line them but I'm really enjoying it.

Also: we watched The Boy because someone at Will's work told him a massive spoiler about it and honestly, knowing the spoiler made it much more fun to watch. I stretched my ear up to 6mm after sitting at 5mm for ages because I didn't have the tapers, it went so easily, best stretch ever. I bought a pair of red, platform Vans in the sale and I'm in love. I might stick things on the platform and will definitely be getting colourful laces ^_^

Hope you're having a good day <3 p="">

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