Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Painty, Hungry, Pigeons! ~ Shop Update

Shop update! Some things I made that you can buy! Wow!


These badges were a lot of fun, I did lots of painty messes and tiny drawings and then cut them up and stuck them together and made badges out of it. They're totally one off because of how I made them so if there's one you want, snap it up ^_^

Too Hungry / Coo-cootie Patooties

Just a good factual message that is always accurate. The "too hungry for this" design is available on stickers and badges.
My biggest recent project, my new zine! It's called Coo-cootie Patooties and is all about how pigeons are awesome and beautiful and I love them and you should love them too. I also made stickers, hand cut ones of drawings from the zine and also these super fancy sparkly ones I had printed, I love them. I also offer the sparkly sticker as a badge. All your pigeon-y needs ^_^

Coo-cootie Patooties Zine

I'm really pleased with how this zine turned out, I hope you like it too.

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