Sunday, 9 September 2018

Tank's Leg

I don't have any exciting things to share this week, it's been a bit of a weird, stressful one. On Tuesday afternoon at about 4pm we noticed Tank wasn't using his back foot at all. We luckily got him into the vet on the same day (despite some massive and varied fuck ups on behalf of the taxi there and back, well we didn't let the second taxi take us back. I don't want to talk about it but I'm very anxious about taxi's now, yay) and long story short he has to spend a week on his own in the little cage so he can't use his leg too much and he's on some pain medication and beyond that we have to wait and see.

The vet seemed really worried about him but he's doing much better than she thought he would. An hour after the first medicine he was using his leg and since Wednesday morning you wouldn't even know there had been anything wrong with him. Hopefully he'll still be using it fine once he's off the medicine and in a bigger space but we'll have to just wait for now. I feel so sorry for him, he mostly just sleeps all day but every now and then he'll look at you and get all excited because he thinks you're going to let him out and we can't and it breaks my heart. He must be all lonely and confused :( But it's what's best for him at the minute, if it is a fracture or something he'd be making it a lot worse if he was in with the others.

I moved downstairs to work so I could keep Tank company/keep an eye on him (we've been taking it in turns to sleep downstairs too because they're most active at night and we love him too much) and I'm almost done with my pigeon zine. I'm working on some stickers to go with it, I'm pretty excited about it. I'm making some sticker sets myself but I have plans for a fancy additional sticker that I'll be getting printed. Hopefully people will like it, I've been working really hard on it. (and I need money for vet bills (゚ω゚;) heh heh... *wipes sweat from brow*)

I hope your week has been a lot less stressful and had more sleep in it but if not, we're still here right? Look at us, coping and stuff ^_^

Here's a little webcam video of me and Pixel.

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