Sunday, 16 September 2018

Tank and My Beech Tree ~ This Week's Things


Tank is on his fourth day without pain medication and is still doing absolutely fine. I think it'll take me at least a week to calm down about it, I'm still paranoid there'll be something wrong with him but he is happy and bouncy and so happy to be back in the big cage, he's been so snuggly with everyone after being alone for a whole week :)

I've always had an interest in that good witchy shit but was put off trying to make a connection with it when I was younger because everything I read talked about needing a coven. It's been getting more popular lately and so I've been thinking about it again and with age I've realised I don't need to worry about how other people do things, I'm not interested in it in any sort of a religious way, I don't even care if what I'm looking at is completely fictional.


I got these books out of the library about witchcraft and magic, mostly for the pictures and I've been reading The Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and Magic this week. It's not really about witchcraft so much as how other groups of people saw and dealt with witchcraft which is disappointing but does have some good illustrations in it that I think I'll use as reference for some of my inktober this year. I also have had a green man tree oracle that was gifted to me years ago and I was reading through it and turns out the beech tree we have at the end of the garden is a pretty nice tree to have because among other cosy things "slivers of beech wood and leaves were once carried as talismans to bring good luck and increase creative energy" so surely sitting under it and getting hit on the head with beech masts can only be good for me :) (I haven't read all the tree descriptions yet, I bet they're all good, trees are good). I've had the cards out and I'm thumbing through them every now and then and looking at my beech tree. I love cards, thumbing through trading cards is super relaxing too. I love the idea of having little objects to hold that are attached to particular thoughts or goals or general "have a calm down" feelings.


I finished my pigeon zine! I'm so proud of it and the stickers to go with it. I made a video showing it all off which is here and the listing is here :)

Other things this week: Some zines I ordered from Gemma Flack arrived and I'm so excited to read them, I love their work. We tried a sainsburys vegan chocolate bar, the crispy milk choc one, thumbs up from me plus it was cheap. I made a necklace with a lot of colourful plastic beads and a Snufkin charm and I also finished painting my spotty cardigan. I should wear it out and try taking some outfit photos, I don't think I've ever really done outfit photos? Good to try new things. The nintendo direct happened. I already very much wanted a switch but oh my gosh I want one even more, I do have a 2ds xl though so I'll just concentrate on all the games I haven't played that I can get on there! One day tho...

Hope you're doing alright. To end my week I'm going to make a crumble using some apples someone up the road was giving away for free ^_^

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