Saturday, 27 October 2018


Clouds are fucking magic. The whole sky is magic and unthinkable but clouds. Wow.

This time of year means I get sunsets through the window by my desk while I'm still there and I love it. Taking a photo of clouds feels mundane but also how can you not? I think they're the only real life thing that will often genuinely look like a painting. Like a huge, old oil painting you'd see in a gallery and wonder how they got the clouds so right.

I love looking at clouds and just becoming more and more amazed by them, the more I look the more magic they seem, the more unreal they are. I remember once when I was at nursery it started snowing and I was adamant that it wasn't snowing, there was just someone on the roof throwing some sort of snow like substance over the edge and that's what we were seeing through the window. If I look at clouds for long enough and carefully enough I feel the same, they can't be real.

I think this post is brought to you by hunger and day 27 of inktober, my brain is just mush filled cloud wonder but that's fine with me. In case you're wondering I'm not posting inktober here because it's already on my instagram and twitter and I'm planning to make a zine and probably put some of them on redbubble and that's already too many posts. You can find it if you want.

Maybe I'll turn this into a cloud blog. That'd be pretty cosy.

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