Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Colourful and Precious ~ Shop Update

The newest things in my shop!

These patches were fun to make and I love them all together, it's so colourful. When I was making them I was imagining them being the little pop of colour on a denim jacket with other patches or as part of a super bright, decora outfit or even being turned into a necklace or something. It'd be easy to attach a pin to the back to wear it as a badge too.

I need to update more often, it's almost December but here's my Inktober zine! I'm just slow on the blog though, these have been in the shop for a while. These are such precious little handmade zines, as with most handmade stuff photos don't do them justice. They need to be held for maximum precious-ness. The pages are concertina fold made from a stuck together A3 print and the covers are entirely hand drawn and I cover each zine in stickers, inside and out. Each copy is totally one of a kind. I vlogged while I made these which is here if you're interested.

I did these little embroideries a while ago to try out a different type of edging for patches but didn't have any plan for them. They sat in my studio for a while and when I came across them again I thought they were actually quite sweet so I added pins to the back and now they're badges! They're backed with felt and have glue holding the two pieces of fabric together so they're pretty sturdy.

And some stickers. Just some cool dudes having some thoughts. I plan to make a lot more stickers, I love them. The only trouble is deciding what drawings people will want as stickers. I wish I could just print everything.

I made myself a patch too and wanted to take a selfie with it but had put it in the most awkward place. Forever bad at selfies.

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