Friday, 9 November 2018


It's weird posting a thing about October a week into November. Everything seems to move so fast now that I feel as though I'm supposed to have posted this during the end of October. I'm sure a lot of that feeling is made up by me though and what's left isn't something I agree with anyway. We can all post whatever we want, whenever we want. It can be cool how fast things come and go but also I like things to hang around for a long time and if I want to draw what happened in October I need October to finish before I start the drawing. So anyway, old person whinging to calm my self doubt aside here's some things from October.
The "it's too late" feelings definitely had an effect on this drawing and I'm not sure if I actually like it and even though it's Friday and days mean next to nothing to my routine, I'm certain it's Saturday and that's making me feel weird and I'm all thrown off balance but I needed to just do it anyway so here it is. Sometimes you get an idea and you have to do it or feel like a failure.
This is all coming out a bit negative but I'm just rambling because I'm doubting myself in various ways but am actually fine, I'm just so certain that it's Saturday.
Those tiny mushrooms were adorable.

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